Printable Coupons by Brand

I have completely changed the way that I go to the supermarket! Where 4 years ago I didn't even have a list and bought what looks good (almond joys... yes please) then I graduated to a list and a few coupons (yogurts buy 4 save 40cents..sure) to shopping today! I only shop with a list, coupons and a plan! Before I leave I first take a inventory of what I have and what I need to use up, like veggies and herbs and try and plan around that. I then first look in the mailer coupons and make a small check by the item on my list if I have a coupon. I then go online for printable coupons. Yes it takes longer than normal but it is really worth it! I made a list of some companies who offer printable coupons and will constantly be adding to this page...Please look for updates.!

****and if you are wondering the almond joys still make it in the cart, coupon or not!*****
 UPDATED 4/13/12

Alexia frozen foods
Alpo dog food